Overpopulation is a reality.

Our world is getting overpopulated.

Isaac Asimov said, “Democracy cannot survive overpopulation; the more people you put on the earth, the less each individual’s life matters.”
We have to be aware of what is happening to our Earth.

Our world is getting overpopulated, if you haven't realized that already. Overpopulation means that a place is overcrowded with people without enough resources for them. For example, a village has 100 people but only can provide enough resources for 90. As a result, some people perish. If you were wondering, there is another definition of overpopulation, which defines the word as a population's numbers exceeding the carrying capacity of its habitat, territory, or land area. Carrying capacity is a term used to describe the maximum amount of people that an area can hold.      

Currently, there are about

1,818,803,078 0-14yr olds (29.92 % of total population)
-932,832,913 males
-885,970,165 females
3,840,881,326 15-64 yr olds (63.19 % of total population)
-1,942,402,264 males
-1,898,479,062 females 
419,090,130 65+ 
-184,072,470 males 
-235,017,660 females.
Doesn't that seem like too much people to you? We are already dominating the rest of the animal kingdom with our people, pollution, and power.

Let me explain to you the effects of
Some Positive effects-
-Economist Julian Simon said that overpopulation leads to higher technology, and higher tech leads to a better quality of life. Personally, I don't believe that.
A load of negative effects-
-Overpopulated places have a poor quality of life because there is less resources for each individual.
-As the population grows, people will place high demands on resources. If you provide the growing population with the demanded resources, the population will grow even more and they will place even higher demands on resources. The cycle goes on resulting in a rapidly growing population. But someday, our Earth will reach a point when it doesn't provide resources anymore. No clean water, clean air, shelter, food, and warmth. It would be likely that our sun would be blocked out from all the pollution. Almost everyone in an urban environment has a car. Has electricity. Every second you look at this page, you are using electricity for your computer. Using electricity and driving cars pollute, too much pollution can limit our clean water, clean water, maybe food and warmth. Maybe all most of our space would be devoted to landfills to dump our garbage. That way we wouldn't have shelter.
-Too many people in an area will result in inadequate fresh water and inadequate sewage treatment. 
- Overpopulation can cause poverty and famine, but some economists argue and say bad government causes poverty and famine. 3.6 billion people are not getting enough to eat. 1 billion people in abject poverty, and between 10 to 30 million children die each year of the worst possible deathAbject poverty is when people are living on less than 2$ US a day.
Our animals are becoming extinct about 50-100 times faster than they should because of overpopulation.
-Our forests are getting destroyed faster. This is called deforestation.
-Deserts are forming. This is called desertification
Now you've seen what the effects of overpopulation were. Now I shall tell you of some efforts made to stop overpopulation
-As you might already know, China has made a rule so that each family can only have one child. But it is only necessary to make a rule so each family can have two children, because that way, our population does not decrease or increase at all; the birth rates and death rates are the same. This is called zero population growth.
That was just what was already done. This is a list of suggested things to do.
- Stop spending money on vaccines, because vaccines just make most people survive, and for animals there is a rule of the survival of the fittest. Why can't it be like that for humans too?
- Make a one-child rule for every nation of the world.
- Educate people about overpopulation and how to control it.
This is not very realistic but was suggested, building settlements in outer space when Earth is too crowded. John S Lewis says, "The resources in outer space could support about 10 quadrillion ( 10,000,000,000,000,000 ) people.

 "It's war that's killing people, not overpopulation."-Anon
Is this quote true?

Trends can also affect our resources .e.g. if everyone suddenly wanted a lot of Pokemon cards, there wouldn't be enough paper for those who don't enjoy Pokemon cards. Another way for paper to run out is when our world is so overpopulated that there is no way for plants and animals to survive, and anyone would know that paper is made out of trees, and a tree is a plant.
We are going to face the sixth great wave of extinction soon, when the world is so overpopulated that they cannot survive anymore. Here is an image of the hotspots where the most animals will probably go extinct.

1: Northern Canada and Alaska
2: Greenland
3: Siberian tundra 
4: Eastern Canadian forests 
5: Bahamas 
6: East Indian highlands 
7: Southern Polynesia   
8: Lesser Antilles 
9: Andaman and Nicobar Islands 
10: Borneo, Sulawesi, Moluccas 
11: New Guinea 
12: Patagonian coast 
13: Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and West Java 
14: Nusa Tengarra 
15: Tasmania and the Bass Strait 
16: Melanesia 
17: Indian Ocean islands

Water shortages due to overpopulation 

- People will have less and less water as the population grows.- Over one billion people suffer from water shortages.
- About 1.8 million people suffer from water related diseases.
-A growing population will lead to a higher demand of water, leading to water shortages. Clean water isn't something where there is an endless supply of. 
-We have new high-tech electrical pumping techniques that drain our precious water more quickly.

You've read about what is. It's your turn to predict what will be. Go to the Comments page to express what you think will happen in the future. Here are some predictions already made. Your predictions will be written here.
- One person said, " In thirty years our population will flatten out."
- A Minister said, " If the world's water supply continues to decline, there will soon be wars for water.
- "Nature will eliminate us in the future" - Anon
- "Our world will never reach zero population growth. The world's population may grow slower, but it will never stop growing."- Ella

"Hey, what is the answer to your title question?" you ask. 
I know you have been impatient to know, but now I will tell you unless you know it already. 
There are practically two ways ways to reduce the effects of overpopulation. 
1. To reduce overpopulation itself.
2. Just reduce the effects without reducing overpopulation.
If you want to reduce overpopulation itself, you can do what China did, which is making a rule so that each family can only have one child (the one-child policy). 
If you want to reduce the effects without reducing overpopulation, you can
- Provide more clean water for those who don't have much
- Give more money to those who are living in poverty
- Provide more food for those who are hungry
- Preserve our forests
- Try to prevent desertification
Are you satisfied with this answer? If not, go to the Comments page and give a better answer.

Overpopulation is a reality. Be aware of what is happening to our earth. www.awareoverpopulation.weebly.com